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can I activate SSL Telnet via Loader?




I setup up with this forum's help a HP Gen8 three years ago.


I secured my NAS via disabling ! SSL and changing SSL port, via disabling standard admin user and creating a new one and via damn Google Auth app.


My problem is that I got a new phone and tested a new firmware on my old one and that I forgot about the Auth app.

I reinstalled it on the new and old android but though I set it up via my google account it does not generate anymore the codes for my DSM!

It only shows them for my google account.

I still have of course the credentials for my DSM admin acc but I cannot log in since I can not get anymore the Google Auth code :(

This is behind my knowledge and I do not understand fully why Google Auth does not back up my NAS settings so I can install the app on a new phone, link it to my google acc and all is fine....


So, I read if I would have standard Synology device I could hit a soft rest button...


I have a nice HP Gen8 .... with Jun's Loader (DSM 6.x) .03 I think. I could check this I a attach a monitor to the nas anyway. I run die to Synology Assistant 6.2-23739 DS3617xs


My question is if the boot loader does have the functionality to enable SSL so I could try to delete the settings for google auth? I found hints on this on the web so I could log in via normal pw user only.


Is there any hope?

I get gray hairs about thinking to reinstall all again :( despite the fact I have daily backups of my files and app and docker settings (I am in deep doubt that I could reinstall all flawlessly via this HyperBackup.

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