Reserved Memory even with VID/PID and disable_mtrr_trim on DSM 6.1.7-3

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Well over 3 days and 24 hours and this wonderful site rocks. I've learned an enormous amount on xpenology hardware.

Cannot get reserved memory recovered and I'm at a loss.  I'll list current key info below followed by the adventure... :)

  Bootloader: (aka Quicknick’s Loaders DSM 6.1.X)
  DSM:  Currently @ 3615xs-6.1.7-15284-3.pat (bromolow)
  Ram:  physically installed 16gb, seen by BIOS and also DSM
  CPU:  AMD A4-5000 on BIOSTAR A68N-5000
  Drives: 3x4TB SATA 

I've checked my VID/PID more times then I can count (also learned if it's missing you can't setup Virtual Machine Manager Cluster till you correct it)
Added to my grub.cfg the value disable_mtrr_trim. (attached full grub.cfg here also).
I've swapped RAM slots, reflashed my BIOS also. 
Here's what I have below. >>> More step I've tried after, but didn't want to muddy the waters too much)

[ What else can I do to get 6.1.7 Update 3 not having the reserved memory issue? ]  I'm ready to donate money to learn is all I'm saying. 😇

Right now it seems I need to buy all new hardware and move past kernel 3.10 where there is a bug but hoping not. 


Other Steps I've Taken: (using this as DSM and bootloader guide @
  1) moved disable_mtrr_trim in a different order in the set common_args_3615 line.
  2) Moved to bootloader 1.04b/DSM 918+ (boots, but can't install the DSM, always ends in error 13)
  3) Moved to bootloader 1.03b/DSM 3615/3617 (doesn't see the onboard network card RTL8111G chipset)

Sources of Downloads:
  xpenology files:       
  synology DSM (aka PEM):

3615 6.1.x that worked - grub.cfg

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