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Change SN and MAC Address after installation DSM


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i've installed DSM on my VM with phisical drives and a SSD for system, i've also putted in my files.

I ready yesterday the procedure for changing MAC address and SN, but the procedure mean about do it before installation of DSM.

it's possibile to do it now? WIth DSM installed?


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yes, it is quite easy actually.


unplug your USB stick from the XPE DSM, then plug it to any windows computer

use Notepad++


open the syslinux file, and change the Serial # + MAC # inside the file.


You might also want to hide the USB from XPE DSM, and optionally hide PATA ATA IDE devices if you only plan to use SATA ports.


Link for serial / mac generator http://quickconnector.orgfree.com/index.php


About hiding IDE devices: edit syslinux.cfg to remove mod for IDE support,

add rmmod=ata_piix to the end of every lines that start with “kernel /ZImage”


Link to hide USB boot drive: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17066

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I not have installed the DSM into a USB key.

I've a Mini-ITX with SSD disk and 2 Western digital Red for archive.

I've installed a Windows 10 pro into SSD and after i've installed VMWare Workstation.

Into VMWare i use a Physical partition of SSD for install DSM and i did a RAID 1 with my two western digital red for archivation.


I must edit syslinux file but i don't know where i can find it into this partition and how i must do.


Can help me? Thanks

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