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Quick Connect how to?


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I've just finished installing Xpenology. Before that my server was running on Unraid so this is new to me.

I would like to enable the Quick Connect function but it's not working. I've searched for information but I'm not sure how it's done.

It looks like the mac and serial number needs to be generated and applied to a config file but not sure. Is there a guide somewhere with explaing the required steps?



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search for posts about changing mac address and serial number to a 'real' syno device

there is a link to a generator in one of them

people have reported that 'real' syno details are needed for quick connect to work

using quick connect means that you are using syno systems that you haven't contributed to (by buying their hardware), if you are ok with that.

the other option is to use a (free) ddns account and/or port forwarding, which means you don't need to mess around with mac and serial numbers

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