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How to install dsm 7.1 ds918p_42661 on unraid


dsm unraid vm

machine type:  Q35-5.1

bios: OVMF

disk 1:  RedPill Tinycore loader image file,  disk type sata , not usb

disk 2:  malloc 10G sata virtual disk


Then boot, grub menu select boot from sata,  open dsm install page,  select pat file,  next step need to format disk,  format failed .   had change SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap,  still format failed.


redpill tinycore file tinycore-redpill.v0.4.6.vmdk conver to tinycore-redpill.v0.4.6.img, disk 1 loader use this img,  boot into tc desktop,   run follow command , then reboot,  still stuck at format disk.


./rploader.sh update now

./rploader.sh fullupgrade now


./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+

./rploader.sh identifyusb now

./rploader.sh satamap now


./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.0.1-42218

./rploader.sh clean now

./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661


./rploader.sh clean now;  rm -rf /mnt/sdb3/auxfiles;  rm -rf /home/tc/custom-module;  ./rploader.sh backup now;


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