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moving from old xpenology to hp n54l system


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Hi guys,


i have a old Asus computer running with synology. I now bought a much energy effecient HP N54L. I want to migrate the old harddrives to the new system. So physicly move the hardrives to the new system.


Can i do this and leave the data intact? I have been reading that the mailserver settings, zarafa wil not move to the new system....And my company is using the zarafa as company email system.


Can i be assured that when i use the synology tutorial that it wil go as it should......so that all my data, databases, email etc are moving to the new system??


First i wil make a backup of all the settings, then i wil use this tutorial.


hope someone can reassure me about this.





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XPE/DSM is a 'hobby/enthusiast' project so its a risk to be running a company system on an 'unsupported' platform, so its not possible to assure anything!


However, if I were doing the project I would;


Setup the N54L (following the tutorials/advice on this forum) with XPE/DSM and a spare HDD, using the same XPE boot image as your Asus and test all the hardware/features works with that version.

Identify the drive slots/Storage Manager HDD positions in the N54L

Backup all data/apps/configuration

Move the drives from the Asus to N54L, putting each drive in its matching Storage Manager location

Boot up and keep your fingers crossed :smile:


I've not used Zarafa on DSM, but I imagine that if you set the IP address of the N54L to match the old Asus box, then any port forwarding for mail delivery would work. However its possible the Zarafa licence might be linked to some hardware details eg mac address, in which case you might need to change the mac of the N54L to match

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thanks for the comment, and offcourse it is at own risk without promisses.....but if it can works on a real synolog, why not on xpenology...so that is why i just asked...

i will start today with this migration process...

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write xpenology to thumb drive, put usb and hdd in the n54L, start.


you should not have any problem, the bootloader is the same for everybody and the system + data are already installed, it will boot as nothing happened (apart drivers issues).

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