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New user with a N40L - Serial & MAC help needed


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So i have had a N40L for some years and after recently purchasing a couple of Rackstations for work use i liked DSM so started looking aroudn to see if any one had done what Xpenology does, found a guide a few days ago on another site which I followed,


In short


Downloaded XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 DS3615xs

Downloaded 2 PAT files DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat & synology_bromolow_3615xs.pat

Used Win32DiskImager to write the img file to a USB stick

Stuck the USB into the internal USB port and booted,

Used Synology Assistant to find the server which it did, right clicked the server and clicked install, selected the 5644 PAT file and let it install


After this i was able to log in to the browser interface, made a few changes, installed a couple manually downloaded packages i wanted to run,

How ever when i attempted manual update and selected the 3615 PAT it failed, possible corrupt file, Same result with a clean download and MD5 check,


Never mind move on,


I started to copy some files in and tested out some shares, Very impressed with it,


How ever i then found i coulnt get some of the services to run, do some research turns out this is probably down to the serial and MAC(s)

So i do a lot of reading and testing, end up with a Excel file called ver2.2 i put my real MAC(s) in here and take the serial and MAC(s) generated and put them into the syslinux,cfg file, copy this back to the USB inn the server and reboot.


The dashboard is now showing the serial i generated from the Excel file but the MAC(s) are not changing, it is not the syslinx.cfg macs and it is not my hardware macs so not sure what is being shown here,


Im i doing htis right? can it be done after install as i have attempted? am i using the correct file to generate serial / MAC pair? do i need to flash my NICS with these new MACS?


At some point after a serial / MAC attempt i did attempt the manual update again with the 3615 PAT and this time it completed,


Any help would be gratefully received.


Thank You


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