RedPill TinyCore Loader Installation Guide for DSM 7.1 BareMetal

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I tried on another system, which is running on ds918+ jun loader for a long time, now I have another error.
This is the status of this system:

VM or BareMetal : BareMetal

Hardware (Motherboard/CPU) : ASUS STRIX GAMING B250-I, Core i5 7500T

Hot Plug/Hot Swap Applied : Enabled on 4 HHD

Network Interface 1 : Realtek® RTL8111H include with motherboard

Loader : TCRP 0.4.6

version of :

Platform (DS3622xsp/DS918+/DS920+/DVA3221/DS1621+/DS3615xs/DS3617xs) : DS918+

Platform Version (6.2.4/7.0.1/7.1) : 7.1

Platform Revision (42218/42661/42661-U1) : 42661

GRUB Boot selection : USB 

Installation Steps : 

./ update now
./ fullupgrade now
./ serialgen DS918+
./ identifyusb now
./ satamap now
./ build apollolake-7.0.1-42218
./ clean now
./ build apollolake-7.1.0-42661
./ clean now; rm -rf /mnt/sdb3/auxfiles; rm -rf /home/tc/custom-module; ./ backup now; 
sudo reboot now

Current Status  : Boots to kernel, IP recived. Error on disk

        We've detected errors on the hard drives (1, 2), and the SATA ports have also been disabled. Please shut down your DS918+ to replace or remove the hard drives and try again.


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18 hours ago, luutuananh said:

Hi, may be I found out whats going on.

After a lot of trying, I go back and using Jun loader on dsm 6.2.3.

And I can see that DSM recognize my hdd start at number 3.

So the question now is how can I map the HDD properly. Is there any document or post on this forum let me allow loader skip the first sata port on the board. i mean, to map the first dsm sata port to mainboard sata port 3.


Change the disk physically installed in Sata Port No. 3 to use Sata Port No. 1.
Is there any other reason not to do this?

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14 hours ago, Peter Suh said:



@jumkey modified the file of dtb ext 14 hours ago in his repo,
The sha256sum of your ds920p_42661.json points to the sha256sum of the old file, so you get a mismatch error.
Please fix it with the sha256sum value of the new file.



스크린샷 2022-05-22 오전 1.47.57.png








The file as well as the sha256sum value in must be modified.



스크린샷 2022-05-22 오후 4.47.32.png

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