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HP MicroServer Gen8 Firmware Upgrade


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In general, upgrading the firmware should have no effect. However, I'd keep a copy of the old firmware to be safe.


I've never had to downgrade firmware due to incompatibility on a PC and I've been building my own since 1990. I have encountered problems on enterprise servers, generally with FW versions for HBAs and NICs, but the Microserver is closer to a home PC than one of these beasts.

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The HP Support ISOs are usually restricted to paying customers.


I found an actual copy of the SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) here:




You can either burn the ISO to DVD or mount it within a Windows system. Take a closer look at the subfolder .\usb\usbkey . Inside this folder you'll find"hpkeyusb.exe". You can create a bootable USB stick (>8GB) with all firmware updates with this tool.

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