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DSM 6.2.3 to DSM 7.?



Hello all 


So i have been loosely following the Tinycore-Redpill project and it looks to have made fantastic progress in a short space of time. but i just wanted to make sure what with all the changes that have happened which is best. So i am on 918+ jun 1.04B loader with a LSI card in IT mode with 9 drives and 2 sata3 cache drives using SHR1. I also use an a ASUS 10gb network card (which required the extensions pack before)


So to track my thinking i was going to upgrade to DSM 7.0.1 for a while first and then move to 7.1 later say 6 months of so, also that i would be best sticking with 918+ as it seems to be be stable over 920+ versions 


so i should follow the guides to create a Tinycore-Redpill usb and it should be as simple as basically pulling out the junloader usb and insert the Redpill loaded build 7.0.1 and boot that loader it will then ask me to migrate to the new DSM version correct?


Serveral of the programs/app will need to be reinstalled and setup again. as well as my dockers 


Although all my data is backed up it would take a fair effort to get everything back again. So i want to try and avoid having to format the drives and restore if possible. 


does that sound right? 

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I am no expert, I am a user just like you! so take what say with a grain of salt, and wait for the real experts to chime in.


On a real synology, yes the process would be insert 623 hdds in a box that wants 701/71 (your rp loader in this case) and it should ask to migrate over, install new dsm and your up and running.  Once you install dsm 7.x to those disks, its not easy (if not impossible) to go back to your current 623 setup as is. So if possible a test might be advised. Another user was trying this same thing, he ran into issues and stopped replying so I dont know what the outcome was.


Another way would be to manually install 7.0.1 over your dsm6 (thru upgrade control panel) and when reboots, replace your jun usb with the rp usb... and remember going to 7.1 requires a two step update (you build 701 and 71 during the rp build stage)


Your extra 10gb nic, you need to verify the available drivers are working and compatible for dsm7. That would be pocopico github, I can tell you I have a box with 2 realtek 1g nic onboard, and they worked with jun loader and the 2 extra driver packages from ig-88 and both nics worked in dsm623, but because 1 of my nics (in this box) was actually on the usb bus, it stopped working in dsm7. Even with the correct driver (r8152 in my case), no 2nd nic.... turns out it was a dsm issue blocking the use of usb nic ports and thankfully someone (bb-qq) posted a modified 8152 driver that got my 2nd nic work, albeit with its factory mac and not the one I set in user config.json...but its finally working.


So make sure your devices are all compatible with dsm7 drivers working before risking your data.  If it were me, I'd do a test without my main hdds, just to verify if you have that ability, but I'm overly cautious since I dont really have the ability to work out the kinks without help.

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