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hello to all.


newbie here.


i have setup my rig in a micro itx with asrock C70M1 motherboard and 4gb ram.


everything ok and i am very happy with the station.


i just wanna ask something because i dont have decide yet wich disks i will add to the nas.


if i install the software in one disk and add two different disks also seperate.


if the disk with the os fails if i reinstall the os ona new hdd will the two seperate disk be readable from the new install?

it must be same version as the old install?


thanks in advance for any answer and also many the thanks for the build. it is awesome!!!

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The OS is stored in a partition that gets duplicated to all of the drives that you install. If a drive fails, you can replace the drive and the data volume and OS partition will be rebuilt - you don't have to re-install anything.

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