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Wake on Lan (WOL) option on Q1900DC-ITX missing


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Hello all.


Build: Q1900DC-ITX

Version: DSM 5.2-5967 Update 1


For some reason, under "Hardware & Power" >> "Power Recovery", I don't see the "Enable WOL on LAN 1" ... options.

I checked the UEFI and confirmed WOL (aka PCI DevicePower On) is enabled.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



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I believe there are a number of issues with 5967 in the power/events/wol area (check for threads) - try an install of to 5644


This NAS is pretty low-powered ... maybe I'll just leave it running 24/7. I'm nervous about downgrading to an older DSM update.


Thanks all the same.

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