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Get or Reset Root Password


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without doing anything special, I am able to login as root, with the password of the 1st created account, by default it becomes your admin account.


for example my very first user created was Sam, then whenever I try to login as Root, I type in Sam's password and it works.

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  • 6 months later...

All users that have problems with root not working on DSM 6.

Then read this. Works perfectly to use WinSCP afterwards.


Yes, this worked for me but only after I used PuTTY to login as admin and then access sudo by typing in PuTTY the command sudo ls, enter your admin password again when asked, and the issuing the command below.


sudo synouser -–setpw root [PASSWORD]


where [PASSWORD] MUST be the same as your admin password.


Now you can use WinSCP like you did before (DSM 5)

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