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Synology Assistant can't find the server


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I can't get over the first step of installing. Xpenoboot boots fine, but when the ethernet cable is connected to my pci lan card, Synology assistant cannot find the server. I get no ip address on the machine either. When it is connected to on board lan, the assistant is able to find the server.


I don't want to use my onboard lan because it is only 100mpbs.

My pci card is Linksys EG1032 v3.


Is it because my lan card is not supported or am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated!


My configuration

Intel q6600 quad core

8gb ddr2 800

Gigabyte lga 775 ep43ud3l

Linksys EG1032 gigabit lan card

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the nic is based on the realtek 8169 so 'should' work, embedded nics seem to. But I've had situations where an add in pci nic using this chipset was not recognised.


advice would be to setup xpe/dsm using the onboard lan, then you can telnet to the box to do some diagnostics on the nic/drivers

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Thank you for your response! I did install dsm with my onboard lan which was actually gigabit. And I did some diagnostics and my lan card does not show up or get recognized by dsm. So I am thinking that it is just a card that is not supported? Maybe people should not used this card for their installations.

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