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Create Volume Failed to apply settings


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Hi all,


supernoob here and need some help. I searched the forums with no search results but if I google the subject on this thread then I do get a link to here but it was a dead end (nothing helpful)


I have a Microserver n40L, put 5.2-5644.5 on a usb stick and after installed and up and running, got the wizard and created account, updated to DSM 6.0.1-7393.


I started with just one disk, it shows up initialized and status is good but when I try to create a simple volume I get "failed to apply settings". I loaded another disk, it shows up as not initialized but I get the same error when trying to create a volume.


Both disks are good, I can load them into my windows box, format them, do whatever but cant seem to do anything with either in DSM. Im sure Im doing something wrong but that's what I need help with. All the "getting started" doesnt really have a trouble shooting section.


Any pointers appreciated.

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