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IPV6 Address after router change


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My NAS has been running just fine for months now, until I changed my router tonight.


For some reason, it's allocating an IPV6 address to my Synology PC so I'm unable to access it. I've disabled IPV6 in the router but it's still doing it.


I've tried to manually set an IPV4 address through grub, but I haven't been successful. I don't know Linux very well and even though I seem to be able to change the network settings manually, I can't seem to apply it as after a reboot it ends up with an IPV6 address again.


Any help will be massively appreciated.

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I'm an idiot. I gave my NAS PC a static IP address while it was connected to the old router, which is why it got allocated an IPV6 address on the new router.


Connected it back on the old router, changed it back to DHCP and it's working fine now on the new router.

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