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Xpenology as main host or other virtualisation server


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I'm looking for advise...

Currently I'm running 2xx series Synology DSM 6 with two 3T disks. Performance is poor so I decided to move for something stronger, i5, 16GB of RAM, 4 sata ports...

I would like to move with keeping data on the disks.

I have already install xpenology succesfully but I do not know if the way is correct...

Two options:

1- keep xpenology as main host and use some packages to have some virtualisation options.

2- install xenserver, proxmox or other virtualisation system and install xpenology as VM.

THANKS for advise.


Wysłane z mojego HUAWEI NXT-L29 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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I agree on the baremetal suggestion for XPEnology


however for virtualisation.... I only trust VMware, but that will require another baremetal machine.


experience with the Virtual boxes ran from inside DSM, are not very good, performance wise.


but if you are running just command line Virtual Boxes for stuff like an apache/LAMP server or things that requires no graphical interface, then it should be fine.

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If your network and storage controller is well supported by ESXi, i would opt for it!


I have two hp microservers running xeon cpus, each with 16gb of ram and a pyhsical storage controller that i forward into the vm using directIO.

The biggest advantage of the pyhsical storage controller is that XPE is able to read SMART information from the harddisks.


I can't complain about the performance, enough to saturate the gbit links.


And as a bonus: you can use the dsm6 ovf/ova file to import a dsm6 vm into esxi :wink: Though, I do recommend to use XPE for managing your harddisks and add an additional vm to have dsm6 features.. you can mount your XPE shares comfortably using the file browser....

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