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Find Synology//Assistant not finding DiskStation after installation

Glock Almighty

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Howdy! I am following the tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXdcZXSQ9LQ&t=565s but am having trouble. After reaching the 9:11 point of the video neithe rSynology Assistant nor find.synology.com can find my custom setup. I am able to flash the drive with the software and find.synology is able to find my setup initially to allow initial connection, setup, and installation of DSM_DS918+_24922, but after restarting it can no longer find my setup. I am met with a "No DiskStation Found within LAN" on the web interface and "No Synology server was found on the local network" on Synology Assistant. Here are my specs:


MSI B250M Bazooka 

intel i5 7400

8gb (4gbx2) 2400 mhz RAM, some OEM ram that came with the board (cyberpower prebuilt)

4x4tb enterprise HDDs recognized through bios and linux


Please any input is apprecaited as I have been trying to get this to work the past couple of days


Update: after watching a couple other tutorials, I have found that other people used a "Synology Serial Number Generator" and realized I kept the serial number the same on the grub file as what it was default, should I have changed it?


Initial Connection/Recognition:


Post Install and Restart:


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