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DELL PowerEdge T140 cannot install DSM


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I tried all of Jun's bootstrap. Including 1.02b (3615xs), 1.03B (3617xs), 1.04b (918). There is no way to charge the router to get the IP address. The configuration of this machine is cpu E-2224, 2x8 ECC memory.I've been struggling with this computer for the past weekend hhh......



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15 hours ago, painkiller895 said:

Have you tried building a loader using TinyCore ? See if you can boot the usb stick first and check if you have network connectivity.  I was able to get DS3622xs working on a Dell T30. If not add a Intel Nic card and build your loader. 

I have been trying to get DS3622xs working on a Dell R210 without success. I have tried different USB sticks, empty hard drives etc..

I downloaded the drivers for the NIC and all went well until I did the command to build the loader.. I get nothing.  Tried DS3617xs and nothing.

DS3615xs works great and so does DS918+, but for the life of me I cant get DS3622xs to work.

Can you explain how you did it?


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7 hours ago, Dvalin21 said:

I have a Dell Poweredge T320. Your best bet will be 3622xs. @rojoone2 What is your nic? And what sas card if you have one?

Thanks for your reply Dvalin21.

The nic is a QLogic BCM5709C. (I tried the tg3 driver)... and the sas card is the PERC 6i controller. I planned to get a H200 and flash to IT mode.

Btw.. DS3615xs sees SATA and SAS drives with the PERC 6i

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