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moving data to new hardware


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Hi, I have installed xpenology 5.5 on a ML10v2 server and it is running well. It was designed as a test setup, and now I want to move to production for home. In the future I will upgrade the cpu from dual core Celeron G3240 to a 4 core xeon, which I would like to use to virtualise some installations.


I will have maybe 8tb of data on 4 disks via SHR, and when I move to a virtual server, I don't want to have to move the data. The data will be movies and tv for Kodi so I need it live.


My question: Is it easy to move the xpenology installation from one setup to the next using the same drives? Can I easily go from bare metal install on a server to the same xpenology setup as a virtual machine, and if so how would I do that?



I have not chosen between Hyper v or exsi yet but favouring Hyper-V right now.



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That's a lot of questions wrapped together, lets untangle this mess.


CPU upgrade is not an issue. Linux doesn't really care what CPU you use as long as it is supported.

SHR... I'll suggest good old RAID10 or RAID6, SHR can do some funny things when the RAID crashes, and it's not pretty.


Migrating from One Baremetal, to another Baremetal is straight forward, just make sure you keep the Drives in the same Slots Numbers in DSM

https://www.synology.com/en-global/know ... _and_later


Same thing applies from Baremetal to Virtual... but there's a higher degree of difficulty in this type of migration.


As you will need a RAID/SAS/SATA controller pass-through , basically let Virtual Machine take full control of the RAID/SATA controller, so it works with the hardware directly, as in NOT virtual, it'll become a Hybrid virtual setup, the DSM OS will run in VMware, but the HDDs are written to directly on hardware.


There are many examples here in the forum, if you search a bit.

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Noober69, I have recently carried out exactly the procedure that you propose. I moved 4x 3TB drives in an SHR array from a physical server running a Celeron SoC to ESXi 6.0U2 running on the Xeon server in my signature. There are a few caveats with PCI Pass-through (AKA DirectIO) on ESXi, namely that you need a CPU and chipset that supports the feature (the Xeon will, the G3240 won't) and you lose some control over power management, plug and play devices, etc. It's worth reading the DirectIO documentation on vmware's website before going down this route. But I would say that's it's worked very well for me.


I would strongly recommend that you pick vSphere/ESXi over Hyper-V - there's a lot more people running XPEnology under vmware's hypervisor, so you'll find more information and help is available when things inevitably go wrong.

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