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system partition failed


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DS3615xs - DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 with 8xHDD's in raid5 with HDD9 as spare


HDD7 totally disappeared from my system

as my PC case is hard to access I left HDD7 in situ & did a repair with HDD9 as hot spare 

... took about 8 hours & all came up good


but on reboot a few days later HDD7 has re-appeared causing:

"! Attention - System is healthy.Failed to access the system partition. Please repair it by clicking the following link.(Repair)"


As the "System is healthy" & I don't know HDD7's reason for doing a Harry Houdini

   .. if I Shut Down .. remove HDD7 .. & reboot will all be back to normal?





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Further info Disk 7


Storage Manager / HDD/SSD :

System Partition Failed, Normal


Storage Manager / Logs

Disk 7 Had 26 events in May/June 2021

13x I/O errors

9x An I/O error occurred with the hard drive

3x Trying to reconnect to disk


could this been a sata cable connection issue?


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Seems now that I can only boot USB from within Bios?

better either get that Disk 7 out test/reformat/reinstall or replace it then click (repair) again?


Wonder if I just put Disk 9 in it's place?

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