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Document Management System or better indexed search


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I am relatively new to the world of DIY NAS and so far it's been a great experience with XPEnology. The only thing that I seem to be struggling with is a way to manage my large collection of documents (DOCX, XLSX, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, EML, etc.)

Do you know of any document management packages that would allow me to index these document formats and provide google-like fast-as-you-type search with keyword highlighting and document preview? The idea here is to perform all indexing and search queries right on the NAS and I would like to avoid doing client-side indexing. If anyone has tried X1 Search, you know what I am after. I find Synology's search very limited. I know v6 has improved this area but I was trying their online demo and IMO it's still far behind compared to top desktop search tools.


Edit: just to add, there is another great search indexer called DTSearch and it comes as a Web Engine and Desktop search. Has anyone managed to integrated it in their NAS?

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