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Btrfs File System and new Indexed Content Search


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Just recently discovered the world of XPEnology and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It's an amazing project which really opens up the world of DIY NAS. Big thanks to the whole team!!!

DSM 5.2 is running great but I am already eyeing the new features in v6, namely BTRFS and the indexed content search (supposedly similar to QSirch from Qnap).

I was looking on Synology's open source page and I see v6 toolkits have been available for some time. Does this mean that there is a chance that we will see the new loader soon? Also, if it becomes available, I take it there is no way to migrate to BTRFS without completely formatting the drives? My storage space is limited and it will be difficult to fully migrate to the new file system once I populate the drives. I am thinking maybe I should wait for v6 before going any further with 5.2. What do you suggest?


Sorry, just to add, taking the worst possible scenario where we won't see v6 loader, I can probably live without BTRFS but is there a way to setup indexed file content search for common document formats with file preview? This would be mainly for MS Office files (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX,) PDF, RTF, MSG, and EML.

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