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Under 6.1.1/Jun 1.02a and DS3615xs I get Deluge as an option and I have successfully installed and run it. It seems like the DS3617xs is marketed as a platform for enterprises so, as IG-88 says, you may find that certain types of packages are less likely to be made available.


not excatly what i thougt, the spk format is sorted into platforms (processor/chipset) with cetain name


the spk istself can be opend like a zip file and inside is a file INFO

there you find things like



arch="bromolow broadwell"


arch="x86 cedarview avoton bromolow evansport"


it ssems that arch="x86_64" is universal? at least synology packages contain that


if your packeage in question does not contain the "bromolow" it will not show up on 3617xs


if you look here you will see the names of the plattfoems supported by dsm 6.1 ... 047branch/


so if a new platfoem is introduced and the package is not maintained it might happen that the new device does not offer the package, even if it would run on that plattform (hardware/processor), it will depend on how the package was created - at least as i understand it


it might work to manualy modify the package by writing the plattform into the INFO file, but i expect it will break the signirure of the file und i dont konw how such a spk file will be handled if installed be the manual install button in package center (never tryed that)


so as the 3615xs is longer around, it might be the better choice (at the moment) wenn it comes to packages

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Yeah, I get that. It's also what causes all your packages to be re-downloaded and re-installed when you move from a "real" DiskStation to an XPEnology one, like when I moved off my DS414 to a Gen8. I did lose a package or two (but not critical ones).


What I meant is that the DS3617xs is expensive at retail - well out of the range of most home users - and until recently not available as an emulation for XPEnology. Package maintainers will have to produce new packages for the architecture (I don't know how hard it is, but it is work) for what at the moment is a very small audience : those using Jun's 1.02a2 and those home users rich enough to buy a DS3617xs. No business user is going to want Deluge, and certainly not Radarr or Sonarr, so I don't know how much incentive there is for the maintainers to do it, we'll need to see.


In any case packages home users want may well be slow to appear on the DS3617xs, I think we both agree, though for slightly different reasons.

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On 9/21/2016 at 3:16 PM, NeoID said:

I have a LSI SAS 9201-16i and it works like a charm on the latest firmware. Don't see the reason why yours shouldn't... any error messages?


Which exact loader did you use for your LSI 9201-16i to work in esxi?

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