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Hi all,


I was on here a number of years ago when I installed DSM onto my n40l. everything was running fine until today.. I don't even know why I did it but i copied a piece of code from the net that would have enable me to update to a a newer DSM.. I think I was on 6.2 update 3. so wanted to update to 6.2 update 5.. the loader I was using is Jun 1.03.. 


yes I know - I was stupid.. I'm gutted right now.. so going back through the forums etc I managed to scrape everything together to get the n40l back to being found on network etc.. however it is telling me "We've detected that you had moved the hard drives from DiskStation to a new DS3615x" click recover, when i click recover - its all gone again.. i have to create new media usb then i keep going back and forth.. I don't have an option to bypass the recover.. 


does anyone have any idea what I can do? I know my data is untouched.. unfortunately I have lost a lot of scripts etc.. but the data is most important to me. i have tried to look at dsm 7 redpill but i think that is above me as i cannot seem to find a step by step like i used previously.


any help would be greatly appreciated

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