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memo: Promise SATA300 TX4 cards


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So, I've been testing these well known old cards, and tried them on both ancient machines, and new machines alike.


These cards are very reliable work horses.


I tried setting up a 4 drive RAID10 with a few of these cards, for a total of 12 drives (3x4)


and I was able to swap the HDD around the different ports, and it did not affect XPE-DSM 5.2


either XPE-DSM or the SATA controller keeps good track of the drive, instead of the port number.


There was a few thread in the forum regarding the LSI 9211 losing the drive port numbering, causing RAID volumes to become crashed due the missing drive, even when the drive was actually there.


So, that's all just leaving my feedback about this model, it works well, your HDD can be in any port, and it doesn't crash the RAID.


Also, these old beauties can handle 3TB and 4TB drives just fine.

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