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Hibernation used to work... not working anymore (5967 up1)


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I am currently running DSM 5.2-5967 update 1 & Xpenoboot 5.2-5644.5.


As the subject line says, up until recently (2 updates back?) I was able to hibernate my barebones install of Xpenology. The disks would hibernate & then the NAS would shut down after 30 minutes.


Because I don’t run the NAS all the time, I don’t know when the hibernation stopped working.


Now when I go into “Hardware & Power” and set the disks to hibernate and click “Apply”, I get a pop-up telling me that “A reboot is required for Memory Compression…”.


I don’t have “Memory Compression selected. If I click on “Yes” to the reboot, it takes me to the “UPS” tab instead.


Anybody know what is going on? Anybody else having this issue with the same iDSM install as me? Is this on the list of 5967 broken features




PS. Is it normal for the USB key to show up in the “Control Panlel –> General –> External Devices” ? The edited “syslinux.cfg” file always worked for me in the past, just not sure if it shows up here normally.

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