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Sory if im posting in wrong place. I have an hp mini 110-4112ea laptop with i686 cpu. I tried to transform it to a nas storage, downloaded alot of bootloader but no luck. Can you plzz help me with a vers of bootloader and DSM vers that i need on my laptop. Thank you very much.

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On 3/14/2022 at 2:06 PM, Diner said:

hp mini 110-4112ea laptop with i686 cpu.

its atom N2600, 64bit capable cpu


should be usable with loader 1.03b 3615 or 3617, they would need legacy/csm mode if its a uefi bios

you can try with F9 for boot options and look for uefi and legacy usb device in case of a uefi bios and csm active in bios you would see the usb device twice, once as uefi boot device and 2nd as legacy device (you would also need to disable secure boot in bios)

some hp (usually desktop) also need the loader in mbr (instead of gpt as it comes by default from jun)



i'm not sure if you will be able to use dsm with just 1GB ram but at least booting and finding it in network should be working, if there is a problem with 1GB you will see when you install dsm to disk

beside this i dont think that it makes much sense as the thing only comes with a 10/100 Mbit network device, so you can expect about 10-11 MByte/s as network speed


also 100Mbit nic support in the loader is not that good as it makes not that much sense to use is this way, 100Mbit war alreade outdated when the loader came out

if you can name the vendor and device id of the nic i could tell if its supported




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