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Proxmox and dsm7.0 unable to use sata 6



Wondering how to get around the 6 sata drive. When assigning drives to vm (DS3615xs) the nas shows it can use up to 12 drives. When sending the drives to the vm it cannot accept anything past sata5. Tried assigning as scsi but the 3615 does not accept scsi. Just wondering if any one has a work around?

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Hi, I had the same problem. Just add to the /etc/pve/nodes/{server name}/qemu-server/{your VM}.conf this:

args: -device ahci,id=ahci1,multifunction=on,bus=pci.0,addr=0xb -drive 'file=/dev/disk/by-id/{ata-ST500DM009-2F110A_ZA480LWF},if=none,id=drive-sata6,format=raw,aio=threads,detect-zeroes=unmap' -device ide-hd,bus=ahci1.1,drive=drive-sata6,id=sata6


Change ata-ST500DM009-2F110A_ZA480LWF with your hdd.

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Hello all,


After adding the "args" to the VM conf file the drives apear in the VM when booted but not at hardware section on the proxmox VM.

Any thing missing besside the "args" line ?



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