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[BETA] About REDPILL SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap

Peter Suh

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This is the method proposed by "TheSTREET," which is not active in the forum here but is active in NAS-related forums in Korea.


I've had a lot of trouble.Before the introduction...I have shortened the following words...

Please don't get confused....

It's a word that I made to make it easier for you to understand.It's not a jargon, so please don't use it.LOL



BSx = Bios SATA (number) - Sata number recognized by biosimilar sata controller chipsets

DSx = DSM SATA (number) - Sata number recognized by DSM

VSC = Virtual SATA Controller

CSC = Chipset SATA Controller





1. Why do BIOS and Chipset talk?

2. Does Sataportmap and diskidxmap disable or disable Sataport?

3. VSC and Conclusion



1. About BIOS and chipset.


I understand that you all know the BIOS...Let's move on.

I know you're wondering, why the chipset?

This is very closely related to SATA errors.

In general, we take the C610 series (X99) chipsets as an example.


This one basically has two CSCs.In fact, Windows and Linux also recognize two CSCs.

SATA (Basic) and SSATA (Secondary SATA).


In terms of specifications, SATA has six 6Gbps sataports...SSATA has four.Logically, I have 10.

But when I work on DS3622xs+, if you set the option to 64..DS5 and DS6 are listed as inactive or unrecognized.


So, after checking Intel's official data chart...



As you can see, the CSC 0-3 Burnport is a fixed port with a sata-only signal, and the 4-5 channels have a different Muxed signal that shares lines 1 and 2 of PCIE and also shares with USB 3.0 ports.


So I'm sure your chipsets are fixed, but there's also a port with mops that change their roles.

I'm expecting it.

It's literally a hard drive, and with that lane of USB or PCIE, the operating system is supposed to switch signals.

For your information, BS4 and BS5 are using the DS5 and DS6 ports in Henology.Butroder doesn't handle it properly because it's shared.


Let's stop talking about BIOS and chipset and move on to number two.


2. Does Sataportmap and diskidxmap disable or disable Sataport?


This is important.We always keep our hard drives fixed while using Henology.

So I thought about it and tested it...It's very simple.I've decided to think...


In the case of NARS, if the hard drive fails, we replace it with a hot swap and rebuild the data, right?

NARS has a hot-swappable option in each bay by default.The signal from each sataport is fixed...

Yes, I am.




After all the tests I've done so far...It doesn't work where you have the Muxed signal.In a CSC BS with a fixed signal...

I left the hot swap option on...Sataport deactivation and unrecognized error has disappeared.

Also, in the case of Muxed signals, Synalys NARS...It's a signal that's not working.I think it's more like that.

In other words, the substrates of Synthetic are specially manufactured.Similar to a PC, but different...I have a lane.


This is my own test, so...We need your experimental information.


I'll wrap it up in the next chapter.


3. VSC and Conclusion


After installing DSM during the test...I found something strange.

Checking out lspci...I found the bus below.


0001:09:00.0 SATA controller [0106]: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE9235 PCIe 2.0 x2 4-port SATA 6 Gb/s Controller [1b4b:9235] (rev 11)
0001:0c:00.0 SATA controller [0106]: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE9235 PCIe 2.0 x2 4-port SATA 6 Gb/s Controller [1b4b:9235] (rev 11)


It's strange.

I'm sure it's Intel's main board.Even though we don't use a sata controller in addition...The Marvel sata controller was recognized...

That's also four ports at 1:09:00... ...and four ports at 1:0c:00.

So I thought...


Redfill bootloader creates VSC and portmaps it so that it responds 1:1 with CSC.

I'm crazy about the idea.


As you all know, the Marvel sata controller...With a fixed signal for sata, not for mopsd...

Satan Controller...Well?

Yeah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Of course you can't handle it.So if you use sataportmap to put in the Mukseed port...

Then, it is highly likely that it can display messages such as hard recognition and errors...

Let me summarize the important points now.





1. Find the fixed sataport using the datasheet of each chipset.

2. Avoid using Muxed signals as much as possible.

3. Enable the HotPlug (or HotSWAP) feature on each SATA port in the BIOS.



If you leave any information about chipsets you need in the comments...After work, I will find it and upload it to you'll find it.

Thank you.


P.S : After Use SataPortMap = 44 plugging in the hard drive, it was recognized and used immediately.(laughs)


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HBA: 00:1f.2 Disks: 6
HBA: 00:1c.3 Disks: 2
HBA: 00:1c.4 Disks: 2
HBA: 00:1c.5 Disks: 2



hdd1 in DSM is in slot7 of my QNAP
hdd2 is in slot8
hdd3 is in slot5
hdd4 is in slot6
hdd5 is in slot3
hdd6 is in slot4
hdd7 is in slot2
hdd8 is in slot1

do you know how to set it up so that hdd1 will my against hdd slot1 of my qnap nas?


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On 4/9/2022 at 1:10 AM, sam juan said:

do you know how to set it up so that hdd1 will my against hdd slot1 of my qnap nas?

did you read about how DiskIdxMap is working?

like here


    bool "Modify Disk Name Sequence"
    depends on SYNO_FIXED_DISK_NAME
    default y
      <DSM> #19604
      Add boot argument DiskIdxMap to modify disk name sequence. Each
      two characters define the start disk index of the sata host. This
      argument is a hex string and is related with SataPortMap.

      For example, DiskIdxMap=030600 means the disk name of the first
      host start from sdd, the second host start from sdq, and the third
      host start sda.


On 4/9/2022 at 1:10 AM, sam juan said:


in theory both contradict as the 1st controller has 6 ports but you idx give it just two ports available (00 and 01 and 02 is give to the 2nd controller)

as you can see all 8 disks it seems all posts are mapped and the four ports skipped of the 1st controller are not used (maybe used as esata in qnap's hardware?)

1    7
2    8


3    5
4    6


5    3
6    4


7    2
8    1


so its nicely in pairs as if 4 x 2port

current DiskIdxMap is 00020406

you want it the other way around last pair 1st (starting 00) the one before that is to be ssen in dsm as 2nd pait starting with 02 ...

so its 06040200

the only problem is that the order on the last controller is swapped, resulting in only nearly good mapping

for fixing the 2 1 to a 1 2 you could try

sata_remap or DiskSeqReverse (see link above in the tutorial section, you can extend the hidden part to read about all the stuff synology has)

so it would be DiskSeqReverse=0002 or DiskSeqReverse=2000 and if that does not work for you you can try the other (remapping ports) sata_remap=7>8:8>7 or sata_remap=0>1:1>0

its two variety's for the command because i'm not sure if its done before DiskIdxMap is executed or after it


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