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Help: Xpenology 5.2-5644 halts during loading the device


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Hi all,


Please help me solve the following issue.

I am running Xpenology 5.2- 5644.

Recently, its web address (192.xxx.xxx) is not accessible until I restart the system. Then, the SMB service does not run with this failure:

\/sbin/e2fsck returns 4, move into network install... [FAILED]


Now, the system totally halts at this step:

:Checking upgrade file [OK]


Wait 2 seconds for synology manufactory device.


It cannot be accessed through putty although SSh enabled. Neither is the Synology assistant

I tried the option no.3 at boot: 3. Install/upgrade but the problem remains

Could anyone help me:

1. Why that problem happens and how to solve the problem without losing the data on harddisk.

2 In case, I have to reinstall Xpenology, should I still use 5.2- 5644 or the older?

3. If I have to reinstall, my data on harddisk get lost or not?


Thank a lot for your attention and support.



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if you have spare hard drives, you can pull out your existing drives (make sure to write down which HDD number goes to which port)

then replace with 2 HDD to re-install XPEnology

if everything works fine after installing to the 2 temp HDD

then you can clone the DSM OS partition from temp HDD to replace the DSM OS partition on the HDD you pulled out.


I did that before on legit Synology boxes to do data recovery after HDD failure corrupted the DSM OS partition requiring a re-install of the .PAT file.



Another method is to try this


it's for people that accidentally upgraded to 6.0, but it works also for people wanting to go back / downgraded to older versions.

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How many disks in your array and what SHR/RAID are they?

If you have a 1 disk fault tolerant system (eg SHR1) you could try;


1) Disconnect all disks except the one on SATA port 1

2) Erase the DSM partitions with a partition utility

3) Re install DSM

4) Create and delete a volume


After these steps you should have a 'working' XPE/DSM system with a 'good' system partition


5) Shutdown and reconnect your other drives

6) DSM should boot from the disk on SATA port 1

7) Storage Manager will warn that System Partitions have failed, and Volume is crashed. You should be able to repair both

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