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Strange crash


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Hello all,


Since yesterday I have a very strange issue with my Xpenology (HP N40L). Everytime I do a "ls" on the / directory all the services of my NAS was gone and not working, Samba, Syno webpage, all ... I can reboot the NAS and everything is back again until I connect in SSH and do "ls" in / again :shock:


There is nothing special in the logs, it seem that when the thing happen the system create a new folder for /var and /run :




for example if I'm doing a ls on this new /var or /run folder I can find "new" files since my crashing command. I can't enter the 2 strange folders with very strange characters "no such files or directory" :???:


I already tried to unmount the partition and do fsck but the same...


That's very very strange, that's not a big deal as for the moment I don't need to use the SSH :lol:

Any idea is welcome :lol:

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I myself had an issue where the log was full and did not allow a log in.. it was caused by plex crashing.


very interesting, thanks for sharing,

did not even know that could happen.


i don'tuse Plex, but is good to know if I ever install Plex into DSM

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