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[solved]Installed in Hyper V, Synology Assistant cant detect


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I tried to installed in my Win10 Ent in Hyper V but got stucked in the synology assistant... apparently it can detect the recent installed DSM.


Hyper V, 1vCPU, 2048Mb ram, IDE00 vhdx 128gb, IDE01 vhdx 80gb, IDE10 CD boot and Legacy NIC (external network)

Power on and 3rd option. it gave me a valid internal ip but no luck detecting using sylogony assis.


ISO: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.5

Synology Assistant Version 6.0-7319


PAT file: didnt get here yet..

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Is the "valid internal ip" in the same subnet as your windows host?

You could use a browser and open the url http://"valid internal ip":5000 and get to the installer.


Are you sure the network adapter of your vm (in hyper v) is set to bridged mode?

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Yes to the subnet and yes to the bridge. And I also try the url replacing with this "valid ip"... Anyway I switched to VMware Workstation Pro 12 and got it setup in lest than 10 minutes with all the pat updates.

I'm kind of getting tired of these network issues of hyper v. Its is extremely unreliable and buggy. But since it comes with windows it's kind of default program to go to. But I'm reverting to VMware. (BTW it is the same problem I had with Pfsense 231 in hyper v, valid network ip but wan packets CANT flow to lan... so its kind of pointless to run in hyperv)


Anyhow thx


switching back to VMware and EXSi 5.5 and giving the middle finger to hyperv

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