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Factory reset : How to do it?


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I have an issue with my DSM. Since the update 5 (coming from update3) I get an error "DSM cannot start up normally because it ran into a problem"

I dont know how to solve that (and I did some research), so i was thinking of doing a reset.


The official synology guides are useless because they mention to press a button on the back of the box. We dont have that :smile:


I found this :



But as you see, it seems that it also deletes the volumes? Is that correct? Or it only deletes the config file of the DSM?

I dont want to lose my volume and data... only I want to reset the config of the box.


How do i do that?


Please help



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If it says it will erase data, then it will erase data.

Not sure... As I recall on my former real Syno it used to only reset the "user specs" of the syno - which is not the volumes but only the syno config.


As someone tried? If not, how can I do that?

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