Convert an old Datto Appliance To Use DAO/Synology

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Trying to repurpose a device that actually was never used.  I have this small DATTO Appliance that was set up many years ago then shipped to me and never used. After about 4+ years gathering dust in the corner not plugged up I want to bring it back to life and install a new OS on it so I can use Synology for the first time. The unit is a 2TBx4 and I "think" I might know the bios password but have no idea how to test to find out.


Is there any type of walk though (for a DATTO Appliance) on the process of installing DAO to replace the DATTO OS using the bios password? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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this forum is about synology's DSM as a copy on standard hardware called xpenology

not sure if you will find folks here for helping with datto os

you dropped no info about the hardware, but you can try loader 1.03b loader for 3615 or 3617 from usb flash drive

its like in the following link, only difference is that its laoder 1.03b and dsm 6.2


here would be some info about the loader and its requirements


and flicking through the faq is suggested too


as long as yous system starts booting from usb you might not need bios access

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