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i3, i5, or i7 for high traffic web server, forum, wiki?


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I'm planning to host my own Webserver, Forum, blog and Wiki using DSM 5.2 (XPEnology)... and that means Maria DB will be needed for the Forum and Wiki portion.

Expecting medium to high traffic.


Would an i3 (2 cores / 4 thread) with 32 GB RAM be enough to run all of the above?

or do I need something more beefy like an i5 or an i7 quad cores (1150) ?


It'll be a hobby server to mirror XPEnology, wiki, and game stuff.



For my Real Production Work stuff I'm running off a Synology 1815+ and that thing only has an Atom C2538 (quad core) inside and stock 2GB RAM.

Wiki, mail server, webmail, website, forum, Maria DB, and other stuff.

The only difference the Production Server is a low traffic server for Intranet and limited external clients.

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Well 1000 concurrent user that will definitely be a VERY HIGH traffic server, not sure it'll ever reach that limit :smile:

I was thinking more along the lines of 500 users to be High

and aprox 200~300 to be Medium

anything less than 100 concurrent users I consider it Light.


For example my Gaming Guild is roughly 2000~3000 players, but in reality only a fraction of it like 10% ever goes to the forum/wiki/website

so that in addition to some random traffic for XPE mirror files upload download, I doubt it'll go beyond 300 concurrent users.


Is a Fiber connection 50 Mbps down / 15 Mbps up, is decent enough for most stuff, and I'll throttle the speed for file transfers so it doesn't use up all the bandwidth.


Considering there are still ISP hosting websites with T1 connections, and T3 are still the average normal for most, 15 Mbps falls into the middle like a poor's man T2 :razz:


Bandwidth aside, I'm more concerned about Processing power to quickly handle the Web / DB and Files queries.


If the site ever gets busy enough to really have 500+ concurrent users, I'll rather migrate the whole thing into a real hosted server, which I had for a while, but then I cancelled it since the volume was not there to merit the monthly expense of a hosted server.

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So, I was doing some comparison digging at Synology site, even their top of the line Synology boxes RS18016xs+ , RS3614xs+ , RC18015xs+ , only uses a Xeon E3-1230 which is comparable to a Core i5 4670


In that case I should be just fine with an older Core i5-2500 with 32GB RAM, which brings it at par with a Synology box max RAM upgraded, and according to Synology website it can handle a maximum of 180 Drive bays 1440TB of raw storage. :grin:


That's like opening a data center :razz:


So, based on that I guess even an Core i3 should be more than enough for a Hobby fan site for games and files.

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