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New hardware e migration


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Hello everyone. I would like some advice from the experts . I own a nas xpenology homebuilt with the following specifications : mobo gigabyte GA - E7AUM - DS2H with a core 2 duo E7300 and n . 4 hd wb red 3tb . Everything works very well and I am really satisfied. But I would like to move to a more modern system with less power consumption .

- You might recommend a new motherboard and a new CPU ?

- How to migrate to the new system without losing data and configuration?


Thanks to everyone in advance .

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Q1 - This will depend on what you plan to use the system for - eg 'high end' stuff like Plex transcoding, or 'low end' like file server etc. If you have some needs then post them and I'm sure you will get several good recommendations.

Q2 - Assuming your new setup is XPE compatible (I would test with a spare HDD to install a system before you migrate), then in theory all you do is configure the bios, move your USB boot key and the 4 drives to the new mobo it is should all happen 'like magic'.


Taking a backup before you mess about is always a good idea anyway.

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If you just want to serve files and run lightweight apps, then a motherboard with an Intel J1800/1900 onboard is cheap and power efficient. The trick is finding one with enough SATA ports on the motherboard.


If you want to transcode, then you'll need something with more grunt. Preferably an i5 or the quad core Xeon in the Dell T20 server in my signature.


At the moment, you can buy the T20 with a dual core Pentium G3220 for £93 in the UK after rebate...


http://www.ebuyer.com/738065-dell-power ... ApCx8P8HAQ


The G3220 is not particularly fast - it's about 20% faster than your E7300, but uses 20% less power.


The T20's with Xeon's have been as low as £200, but they tend to go pretty quick - not surprising as the CPU is worth nearly £200 on it's own.

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