Synology Assistant can not find 3615xs after moving to DSM6.2.3 from DSM6.1

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I created a new USB boot drive using JUN 1.03b with DSM 6.23739 to upgrade my xpenology 3615xs from 6.1-15047.   I used the extra.lzma file from IG-88:


extra.lzma for loader 1.03b ds3615 DSM 6.2.3 v0.12.1_test, added virtio/9p, CDROM drivers, nic Killer E2500


After bringing the system up with the new code,  Synology Assistant was able to find the 3615xs NAS.  It recognized the installed disk drives and asked if I wanted to migrate the system to from the old code level to the new.  I selected “yes” and the system did it’s thing and rebooted.  Once it came up, after multiple attempts and reboots, I can no longer find it with Synology Assistant.


I am hoping someone can give me some ideas on how to proceed with getting the NAS back up.   I did search the forum and could not find a solution.


Thanks in advance!



Motherboard: Giga-byte z77x-ud3h,  BIOS F11

Atheros GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit) on the motherboard

INTEL I7 306a9H


UEFI was on when I created and rebooted the system.


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