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error (File system check / write cache)


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Hi :)


I am experiencing issues with my Xpen rig (918+) running DSM6.4 (latest available version on Jun's loader 1.4b).

8 HDDs total, 6 of them in a RAID5 array + remaining 2 as hot spare HDDs

I get an error message that there is missing data in the write cache of my array (or something like that). I disabled write cache on all disk since.


Now DSM asks to run data scrubbing followed by a file system check after reboot. In the meantime the array is in "WARNING" state (orange).

After I complete the data scrubbing and the reboot and the file system check, I'm back at square one (DSM asks for data scrubbing followed by a file system check after reboot).


Should I re-enable write cache on all disks?



Thank you very much in advance for your help.




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Actually I realize now that disk write cache randomly turns ON for drives 1-4 while it doesn't (remains OFF, as expected) for drives 5-8.


Drives 1-6 are connected to the MB sATA ports while drives 7 & 8 are connected to a PCIe add-in sATA controller (with 5 ports).


Does anyone have any clue about what's going on?




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