TUTORIAL Mod ESXi 6.7 for an old AMD CPU

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When fiddling with my setup, I finally decided to give ESXi a try. Long story short : I managed to get it to work but in my case it was useless 😅

Still, decided to share my results for people running old hardware like mine (N54L HP microserver with AMD Turion dual-core)


You need to know how to use an hexadecimal editor, and unpack some files.


thanks to this guy for his explanations : https://commander614.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/07/08/allowing-unsupported-cpu-s-on-esxi-67 - his procedure is intended for intel CPU, I wanted to apply it on AMD.


I worked on ESXi 6.7 update 3


- download ISO from vmware website

- use rufus to write it on a usb flash drive

- get b.b00 and weaselin.t00

- both are gzip compressed, use 7-zip or similar program to extract them

- original filename for b.b00 is vmkBoot.ELF32-psigned, open it with hexadecimal editor

- search for first occurrence of 83 F8 12 (it's the first one from the start should be on offset 124FA) and change it to 83 F8 01

- save changes and gzip it back to b.b00

- original filename for weaselin.t00 is weaselin-weasel.vtar, you can either open it with code editor or hex editor

- search for string "elif vendor == "AuthenticAMD" and family < 0x15" (respect casing and spaces) and change it to "elif vendor == "AuthenticAMD" and family < 0x10"

- save changes and pack it back to weaselin.t00

- installer should work now

- after installing it, the program will complain again about being not compatible. On installation media, copy modified b.b00 and weaselin.t00

This time it's good to go :)

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