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Is getting DSM 7 on a Dell OptiPlex 7010 possible?


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I am using an old OptiPlex 7010 that has 32GB RAM and an i7-3770 (Ivy Lake) CPU. I have been using redpill via TC to build my USB stick and that has worked to get me booted and discoverable by find.synology.com and Synology Assistant. I then upload the PAT file as requested, but then at reboot I just got a blinking cursor. I have made progress since my first attempts did nothing near this, but I am now stuck.


I want to use DSM 7 as I am looking at a real device purchase in a few months (unless this proves to be awesome and I don't need to!) so want to use this as a hands on experience of DSM 7 etc. I understand I might need to use a lower version though, but since I started with redpill and the rploader.sh script I am unsure how to use anything else.


Any guides I can follow from start to finish? 

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DSM 7 loaders are in development status ("beta" is probably an embellishment).  But people are installing and testing on a regular basis.


Read the relevant dev threads (it's a long read).  The tinycore thread is probably the most turnkey/polished install available thus far.

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20 hours ago, neildeadman said:

I'd still like to see if I can get DSM 7 working, if anyone has any tips?

to get a peek at it you can read this



but as already pointed out its work in progress and there are changes, some things work others don't

especially when it comes to 3rd packages (*.spk) there might be problems as synology changed things for dsm 7.0 and older unmaintained packages will not work (break when updating to 7.0 and cant be installed)


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I started with that before eventually running 6.2. I could get it as far as uploading the PAT file and it rebooting, before I just got a blinking cursor.


I'm going to retry with another USB since I have 6.2 working now. Not added any disks yet, but I am interested in running this on DSM 7 so its worth playing with before I put it to use :)

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14 hours ago, RacerX said:

Ran through the install that you linked (thanks).  Tested DS3617xs the script seemed to work fine.  Then when I rebooted it doesn't find my Chelsio CC2-T520.  Unable to find any synology disk stations....



i had a still valid list for dirvers here


and for Chelsio:

cxgb: Chelsio 10Gb Ethernet T210
cxgb3: Chelsio Communications T3 10Gb (firmware needed), N310E/B320E/S302E
cxgb4: Chelsio Communications T4 Ethernet (firmware needed), T420/T440/T422/T404/B420/B404


drivers for redpill need to be existent as "extension" and as far as i can see there is no Chelsio driver (yet)


no "cx..."

and kernel 4.4 as synology uses only mentions up to T4 hardware so it might not be supported with the default driver


you would need to request Chelsio drivers vor repill here



i'd sugegst adding a 1G nic for maintenance (or use a supported 10G nic)


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