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HP Microserver Gen 8 Install fails


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I have a brand new Std. Microserver with Celeron & 4GB RAM (at least it is now that I have a new mobo) with 1 x 4TB seagate drive in it (I will add another once everything is up and running), I have a new 16GB USB drive setup as per How to Install Xpenology on a PC http://news.softpedia.com/news/how-to-install-xpenology-on-a-pc-499286.shtml .



1) When I get to the Bootloader menu, my keyboard won't work. I got round this by changing syslinux.cfg to DEFAULT install

2) everything now goes well until it starts formatting system partition then I get

Server Error. (Error Code:38)


An error occurred during installation. The telnet service of DiskStation is turned on for error determination. Please configure your router to forward port 23 to DiskStation and contact Synology online support.

I don't think Synology is going to help so anybody any ideas?




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DMS is DSM_DS3615xs_5644.pat. Not sure about Gen8 bios ,I seem to remember it saying it was 2014 so probable not the latest. As I got it without docs and so far I can't figure out how to update,

the so and so thing, I only got it running yesterday after getting a new mobo.

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The newest Bios Firmware is from June 2015. But i don't think thats the only problem. You have to change some settings in your Bios to install Xpenology properly. but without a working keyboard this is not easily possible.

Error 38 means that the motherboard cannot communicate with the HDD. I think there is a problem with your new mobo.

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O.K. after much fiddling about I found out that the keyboard works in from port but not in rear, I then found out that AHCI wasn't on so now when I try to install it gets to stage 4 Installing DSM then it fails with "Unable to perform DSM update because this DSM is an older version!.

Then I discovered that Synology Assistant was reporting that the version installed was 6.0-7321 but when the install starts it reverts to 5.2-5644. Once it refreshes it reports version as 6.0-7321 again. Weird. I tried to download the Assistant on the Xpenoly web site but the link is broken

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Built New VM with XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5

Added P420 to VM as passthrough device - ( 4 2TB drives ea configured as RAID 0 )


Installation Halts at:


loading module hpsa [busy] - (Fan goes to 100% and I am unable to Force any action through vSphere client)




1. HPSA is supported in 5.2.5644.5

2. Removed P420 from VM as passthrough device and install suceeds

3. iLO Reports HBA and all Drives are good





HP MicroServer GEN8

BIOS____________ JO6

RAM_____________HP 16GB

CPU_____________Intel Xeon E3-1260L

MicroSD _________Sandisk 32GB________ESXi 6.0

HBA Controller____HP O/B_B120i__ACHI Mode

Disk-4 HDD_______Seagate 120GB SLE SSD______100GB VM-Datastore


Controller________"HP Smart Array_P420 1GB v6.68 4 logical drives"

Disk-0 RAID-0_____WD RE4 2TB__Independent Data

Disk-1 RAID-0_____WD RE4 2TB__Independent Data

Disk-2 RAID-0_____WD RE4 2TB__Independent Data

Disk-3 RAID-0_____WD RE4 2TB__Independent Data


/With backup going to and identical system (not built yet).

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