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Don't update to 7.1 Beta. Steps to recover to 7.01 again

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As other has said the problem. Recap here:

I tried to perform a manual upgrade using the .pat. After the restart of DSM, it gets stuck and continues to ask to recover over and over.

It is also not possible to install it from scratch. After the first installation of DSM, the system will then reboot and go again to the Recover screen.


Pocopico said the solution is :

The only way to get out of the recovery loop is to telnet to the DSM and remove the /.syno folder. Then perform re-install with old 7.0.1 pat file.


Yes, I have the same problem. Take me very long to recover my 7.01.

It is not easy to ssh the DSM, connection refused.


I need to follow some downgrade suggestion in this community to do this. 

I adjust some items as below.


1) Disconnect your raid drives

2) Connect spare HDD to SATA port 1

3) Install DSM 7.01 from fresh Redpill loader, create admin user and server name matching live system, DON'T create volume/raid. Update DSM to match your pre-beta version

4) Shutdown, reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 2-n

5) Boot, login, repair system partitions on raid, shutdown


Set ssh server in the DSM control panel


Ssh to dsm


then remove some files with this command 


rm -rf /SynoUpgradePackages

rm -f /SynoUpgrade.tar

rm -f /SynoUpgradeindex.txz

rm -f /SynoUpgradeSynohdpackImg.txz

rm -f /checksum.syno

rm -f /.syno/patch/*


6) Remove spare HDD and reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 1-n

7) Boot, repair packages etc


Then re-install the DSM 7.01 onto the Raids drive again.

And set up the NAS again.

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