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HP Proliant n36l eSata Disk not detect


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Hello good, I have a n36l hp with DSM 5.2 installed. I put a hard drive in the CD-ROM into the bay via esata 5.25 leveraging this port on the rear. The fact is that XPEnology not detected. Of course, I googled a little earlier and I saw that the problem was common with hp nl40, nl54 etc ...


I found this:


https://hedichaibi.com/fix-xpenology-pr ... rd-drives/


Basically what you need to do is tell it detects the esata sata drives as internal and this is done by editing the files:


- /etc/synoinfo.conf


- /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf


But I have not been lucky ...


It says here that for the model n36l must leave the settings as follows:




I test internalportcfg = "0x1e" esataportcfg = "0x21" with N36L, the DSM cann't show the harddisk When the plug into slot1. so i use internalportcfg = "0xF" esataportcfg = "0x30" is ok.

I try to Set usbportcfg = "0x3fc0" (8 usb port), DSM can show the usb disk, but it will get error message when i eject it.


But I do not detect the record ... I've tried everything even install the DSM 5.0 to see if it was subject version and nothing ...


I've migrated my nas a linux hair was all set to hand xpenology because I've had in a virtual machine and the truth is that I liked.


Anyone have any idea why does not detect me?


Thank you in advance and congratulations on this forum and the xpenology software, which has its curro porting.

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