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XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 and lsi 9265-8i not detected


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Hello guys,


I'm setting up a machine with nas(nfs-san) role for vmware, using xpenology.


The configuration is this:


motherboard: Asus Z87-ws

cpu: i7-4770s

Ram 32gb ddr3

controller: LSI 9265-8i (not detected)

nic: Intel x520-da2 (detected)

8 seagate 2tb raid 10 on LSI controller

4 x 2tb on-board controller with xpenology raid


Despite the LSI 9265-8i controller is on the HCL, I can not see in the resources and create the volume.


Do you have a tip for me?


Thank you.

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i do not know about the particular model LSI 9265

but if it uses the same chipset as LSI 9421 and LSI 9211, then it should be supported.


have you tried running the 9265 as non RAID, set it to JBOD and see if XPEnology finds them?

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