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Network not working in Resource Monitor

Jacopo Bassan




it's been some time that I can't get the network tab on Resource Monitor to work.



The "Rete" (italian for network) infos are always at 0, but the network is working properly so I think it's just a resource monitor related problem.


After some digging around I found some articles like this https://q1f4mmprz7gko.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/fixing-a-broken-resource-monitor-in-dsm-5-0/ which even if it's for DSM 5.0 and I've DSM 6.1.7 the parts related to SNMP database being the problem seems pointing me in the right direction.


The fix suggested was to recreate the db with /usr/syno/sbin/synosnmpcd -r but my problem here's kinda different, here's what I get with a grep from the logs.


synosnmpcd: db_handler_class.cpp:512 Error: cannot check database exist or not.
synosnmpcd: main.cpp:116 Cannot Drop the dababase
synosnmpcd: main.cpp:121 delete the DB over
synosnmpcd: pgsql.c (96) Failed to connect to (null), user: postgres, pass:xxx, db:synosnmp. (FATAL:  database "synosnmp" does not exist
synosnmpcd: db_handler_class.cpp:951 Error: Connect failed


And from here I really couldn't find anything else to help me.


Anyone here maybe knows how I can fix it?


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3 hours ago, Jacopo Bassan said:

Anyone here maybe knows how I can fix it?

one way might be to update to a new major version like 6.2.(3)


or edit the version file to make a "downgrade" so you can again update to 6.1.7 (full install of dsm and keeping settings)

you can read about the version file in this downgrade tutorial


you could use there values


i guess that should stop the next boot and the assistant should offer a update/migration


another way would be to do a cross update aka migration another dsm type like having 3615 and using the loader for 3617 (and then back to 3615 if you  want)

thr last one might be the least dangerous one as you should be able to go back to your old loader when things go wrong and repair with the working loader and dsm 6.1.7 *.pat file

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54 minutes ago, Jacopo Bassan said:

Will try as soon as I can to update to the latest 6.2 probably, I was hoping for a fix without reinstalling but it's probably time to update anyway.

you have the option to reinstall 6.1.7 with the downgrade trick but i'd suggest 6.2.3 update3, thats a proven environment and if you still have some time you can venture into tinycore redpill loader for 6.2.4 or 7.0.1 and  come to a version that still gets security updates, 7.0 can give some headaches with plugins as there are some changes and if thats important i'd suggest a test install to a single disk and look for the plugins you need

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