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Problem with SSL certificates


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Good day,

I have a baremetal instalation of XPenology on a HP Microserver Gen.8 with Jun loader 1.03b and DSM DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3, my NAS work perfectly.


My problem is when I try to connect from internet to my NAS services (Synology Drive, surveillance station and others), I receive a error that is not possible login, this problem is made by SSL certificate of HP ILO of the HP microserver that go in contrast with DSM SSL certificate.


If I disconect the ethernet cable from the ILO port, so I complete disconnect ILO  from Internet/LAN all work perfect on NAS side (all services can be reached from remote/local)


On local side I don't have any problem, with ILO connected or disconnected.


There is a way to resolve this problem?


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hi, actually the ethernet cable is connected on the LAN1 port for the NAS side, ILO ethernet cable is connected on the dedicated ethernet port.

My NAS with ILO cable disconnected is fully reachable from internet from 2 different DDNS (1 updated from NAS and 1 updated from Home Assistant server)and from my fixed IP.

On my DSM there are 2 different SSL certificates, one automatically created by DSM (with expire date 12/02/2023) and onther one create by me with let's encrypt (with both my ddns profile, expire date of this one is 28/05/22), the default SSL certificate in use for all service is the last one (FTPS, synology drive service, etc.).


With ILO cable connected I can reach from Internet my DSM machine from PC browser but not from all apps (when I try to connect and I receive error message due to SSL certficate, if I go on SSL certficate details I read the data of the ILO SSL certificate).


I saw on your config data that you also use an HP microserver 8 for DSM, wich is your situation, you have my same problem?

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