Plex Backup directory to usbshare help

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I'm running plex on my hp 54l xpe configuration but cannot get the backup database in the Plex settings to write to my usbshare2 stick.

Can any one offer any advice as its probably down the to directory setup.

I have try putting into that /volumeusb2/ with full read/write permissions but still nothing.



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Have you given full read/write access to the Plex user account?



Only plex user account has admin rights.

Same goes for any channel packages you add to Plex, you have to give rights to plex account.

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no when you install Plex it will create a user call plex and only this user have access in that folder you need to change that to be able to see it for another devise


first go in


1. control panel

2. share folder

3. select Plex

4. clic on edit

5.clic on permissions


there you can add user or permission on user to be ble to do you backup. also you can go to advanced to do some advanced share permissions



i hope this can help you

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