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Update to 5.2-5644.5 5 from 5.2-5565.2


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Hi Guys,


Looking to update my NAS to the latest version without losing any data/settings, but haven't updated before. Just want to make sure I'm doing it right before I dive in!


Is this the correct procedure, if not can you tell me the correct way? Thanks!


1) Configuration backup from Control Panel

2) Create USB with XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.5 img

3) Remove previous USB and Boot from newly created USB

4) This is where I am not sure.... How do I apply the latest PAT file, and can I just grab 5644 update 5 PAT or do I need to get 5644 then update manually in order? Also, will my data be safe? I have over 7TB of data and nothing else to store it on for the 'upgrade process'.


Any feedback about the above and additional steps from 4 onwards are much appreciated!

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Your steps should be fine, but in 1) I would take a backup of your 'critical' data just in case. I know you say you don't have space but it might be worth finding a solution for peace of mind. Some people here use crashplan. Personally I'd recommend having a 'third party' backup anyway, xpe/dsm is a 'hobby' project and hardware can fail.


Update with the 5644 'base' pat file then add the U5 patch. You can get both of these from the xpe download site or synology, look for 'all dsm versions' and it takes you to the ftp site.

also make sure you have turned off DSM auto updates a forced update to v6 will be painful :smile:

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as a general safety rule, I always run 2 of the same system.

basically 2 XPEnology with High Availability enabled :wink:


so you have an exact clone on another machine, in case the worse happens.


that is 2 machines, running on RAID10 on each, cloned / mirror exactly in capacity.


you 2nd machine doesn't need to be fast, I use some old hardware with SATA2 PCI 32bit controllers but running the same amount of Volume space to mirror my Main system.


RAID10 yes is a big hit on available space, but it's for peace of mind and fast, you can have multiple failed drives and still will not affect the RAID, just like the 2nd server, that makes it Peace of Mind x2


I've basically all my data mirrored times 4, twice on each machine.


... All I'm missing is an offsite mirror. :mrgreen: I know I'm a bit paranoid, but these are the best practices followed in the industry.

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Sounds like a great plan if I could afford all that storage! Currently I have 5x 2TB drives in raid5 which should be sufficient redundancy, I'm just concerned about potentially overwriting the data during upgrade...


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