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Nanoboot img to iso, for CD ROM burn?


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It's a little bit of irony here.


All the XPEnology boot have all img, iso, vmdk, pat, etc.... yet 64bit machines can boot just fine off the USB.


However for older 32bit machines we only img files,

Those x86 only machines are unable to boot from USB, and will require some form of alternative boot like a CDROM or a dedicated "OS" HDD, so the machine can start.


I'm trying to write NanoBoot-x86- and make it CDROM bootable.


Does anyone know how to make a bootable ISO from the NanoBoot-x86- image?

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imgburn can do that (other img to iso tools around too)


using imgburn 2.5.8




i selected the option to write image (NanoBoot-x86- to CD, then i get this error:




seems like it's expecting an .ISO file image

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